Cliff items for sale.

Lovelight has been working in Romania since 1992. Working with abonded children and youth, as well as HIV positive children. Over the years we have sold Cliff items to support the work, and now this site will be used for the purpose of selling different kind of things related to Cliff, LP`s, CD`s, magazines, books and so on. I do hope you will enjoy the site, and hopefully you will be able to find what you want.

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I do not know from where this picture comes, but I love it

If you want to buy send me an email telling which items you want, and I will send you the price including postage, and how to pay.


All the photos shown on those pages has been taken by Erik Terp, except the one in the top of this page.




When you want to order or if you have questions you shall use this email:



You will constantly find new items on this website